One of the many aspects of my job that I love, is the fact I get to see families go from 2 to 3 to 4. I love being a part of a couples journey into parenthood and seeing the beauty unfold as their little ones grow and develope into amazing little people. I was […]

I love shooting Family portrait photography in my own style, especially on location or in and around the grounds of the studio! You may recognise a few or maybe even all of the member in this family lifestyle session! I met them all during the wedding of Kelly and Robert a year and a half ago […]

This family lifestyle session is just Part 1 of 2 as soon, little baby Thomas will be arriving into the world and I will have the pleasure of taking his very first photographs. I first met Sarah in year 11 when I moved from one high school to another. I hadn’t seen her (other then […]

Welcome to the world Baby Lilia!! My beautiful friend and one of the Make Up industries finest Kate Smith gave birth to this beautiful little bundle of joy a little over two weeks ago! How perfect is she!! You may remember Kate from a bump shoot I blogged about a couple of weeks ago near […]

Everyone knows I love a good pre-wedding session. I especially love it when my couples involve their children and/or pets. I love it because having them there helps my couples to relax and gives them something else to distract them and focus on other then the camera. I also helps that I get to meet […]

 So last year I had the pleasure of photographing Pamela and her picture perfect family especially for Thanks Giving holiday cards which she sent back home to Texas, USA. So  I was very happy to hear from her again a whole year later to shoot not only her family but her extended family on her […]