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Hey guys. I'm Teresa (a.k.a Teri, T, Pocket Rocket or Tezza) and I am a Destination and UK wedding photographer based in the rather lovely place of Stockton Heath in Cheshire. I am an interesting mix of Jamaican and Welsh (one day I will try to combine Jerk & Welsh Rarebit) and the very proud daughter of two amazing and wonderful parents Jeanette & Dave (Team Cunningham all the way!!). 
I've been wheedling a camera now for 10 years and snapping beautiful couples happy days for 8 years. I won't bore you here with my life story (its a tad long) but if you do want to know more check out my blog LOVE, LIFE & LENSES and you can find all you want to know about my developing photographic career. Long story short, I was a brain box studying Law and Human Biology, got hit by a car and saw the light. Photography was my epiphany.
I laugh loud, have a very animated face and randomly break out into dance without realising. I like to work out every day for no other reason then I LOVE food!! Like seriously love food especially cake and absolutely love to travel so that goes hand in hand. 
Films are another vice of mine, best one being You've Got Mail which my partner in crime Mr.T (not the A-Team one although he is awesome) introduced me to. You'll also get to meet him at some point as he has now been my trainee for the past 2 years and has come on board joining team Teresa C. 
I like to get to know my clients and most importantly have a laugh with them so hopefully this will give you a little insight into my own little world and will nudge you in my direction to shoot your fabulous day with ease, grace and most importantly fun! 
Lets create something you will want to hang on your walls and say 
"T took that" 
Can't wait to chat, T xox

"Whatever else anything is, it ought to begin by being personal."- You've Got Mail 

Getting MArried Abroad?

Traveling is in my blood.....My Dad is an adventurer and he passed this onto me.  I am as my Granddad called me a "Citizen of the world" I'm an ethnic mix of amazingness and would love to shoot a wedding on every continent!

I have shot weddings in so many beautiful places like Verona, Cancun  Mexico, Sorrento, Venice, New York City and Santa Maria and have enjoyed combining Travel with my love of Wedding Photography....

This means I now have a WONDER-LIST........If you are planning your destination wedding or elopement  abroad and can help me check off one thing off my list, get in touch as you may just find yourself with a Photography all for the cost of just a flight! 

*A Wedding in CALIFORNIA (Its a big place I know but full of so many amazing shots I'd go from Beaches to Bridges and back again!)
*VEGAS BABY!! Lets visit the Grand Canyon and say hey to Elvis!
*The SALT FLATS of Utah - capture your heat reflection
*The CARIBBEAN. Its always good to visit family (They are all over Jamaica, Barbados...you name the island....we are on it!) 
*Lets rock it in MOROCCO 
*ROUTE 66  wedding and a Mustang
*Lets smash some plates in GREECE
*ICELAND (Its not covered in ice apparently) and its Planes (The abandoned flying kind)
*Lets party in IBIZA!
*NEW YORK CITY- Where dreams are made of.

If you have an amazingly cool idea for your big day, get in touch, let me know......I may have something special for you. 

a few things i love the most in life

I love food

I love my dog

I love my parents

I love travel

I love him

I love, Love

"I hear nothing. Not even a sound on the streets of New York, just the beating of my own heart."- You've Got Mail

Prices start from £2,000....My wedding photography package includes:

-Maximum of 10 hours coverage
-2 fab photographers
-Pre-wedding session- to calm the nerves
-My own signature style editing 
-USB of high resolution images in a pretty box
-Fancy online sharing gallery
-12 complimentary, beautiful 7x5 mounted Prints 
-Travel anywhere in the UK & Northern Ireland

(Indulge yourself)
Albums, Parent Albums and Signature frames are available.  Just ask for details.

 NEW for 2017! With time being limited on the big day you can now book in for a post wedding session. This gives you a chance to get back into your big day gear and shoot in any location your heart desires. You can go as out there as you like or even return to the venue. 

For destination weddings I cover EVERYWHERE! 
Take a look at "The Destination" in the "About me" section as I have a special offer for Elopements and Destination Wedding Photography...

Please contact me for more information and tell me all about yourselves.

what you get

Teresa is a star. We are a newly-wed couple and can testify to Teresa's skills in both photography terms and in regards to her personality. Above all, Teresa is professional, yet she balances this with a real personable approach, taking time to get to know you as a couple, the type of photography you gravitate to and the way to get the best out of you. On the wedding day itself, we heard nothing but praise from our guests about Teresa, who were complimentary about her politeness and friendliness. As "hosts" of the wedding, my partner and I were elated to hear this because, the truth is, the professionals you choose reflect you and your choice. We cannot rate Teresa highly enough. If you're reading this in order to gauge whether you should use her services or not, my advice is to stop your search and get in touch with Teresa now. You will not be disappointed.

- Steph & Joel Oxberry

There is something magical about Teri that I can't put my finger on!From the minute she arrived at my house on the day of the wedding she instantly blended in as if she was part of the bridal party. Not once did she feel intrusive or demanding Teri just sets about her work with ease. Not only did she photograph our wedding she came with a bag of tricks and helped out with button holes, flower crowns and even the fastening of my dress! We have met before in a pre shoot in which she captured breath taking photos of us as a family and our two daughters aswell! We had nothing but beautiful comments about Teri and her second photographer Phil from all the guests especially our family and even the master of ceremonies! I would recommend Teri to everyone that was getting married as in my eyes she was nothing short of perfection! Thank you and Phil for all your hard work we are and always will be eternally grateful.

- Abby & Tony Mahoney

Believe me when I say Teri is so, SO much more than a photographer! We felt like she was meant to be there, she was part of our day! The compliments we received from our guests about her speak volumes! I really don't like having my photo taken but the way Teri puts you at ease is just amazing! It's literally like your friend you've known for years, having a laugh taking photos... but she still manages to get the most perfect shots! When Teri walks into the room.. it lights up!! Her presence is so warm and bubbly. She's exactly what you need on your big day.. she even carries a 'wedding day survival bag' that has EVERYTHING you could possibly need in it!! Haha! Thank you so much for being the best out there, we couldn't have wished for anyone better. Love Mr & Mrs B xxx

Holly & James

Thank you!

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