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Hey guys. I'm Teresa (a.k.a Teri, T, Pocket Rocket or Tezza) and I am a Destination and UK wedding photographer based in the rather lovely place of Stockton Heath in Cheshire. I am an interesting mix of Jamaican and Welsh (one day I will try to combine Jerk & Welsh Rarebit) and the very proud daughter of two amazing and wonderful parents Jeanette & Dave (Team Cunningham all the way!!). 
I've been wheedling a camera now for 10 years and snapping beautiful couples happy days for 8 years. I won't bore you here with my life story (its a tad long) but if you do want to know more check out my blog  LOVE, LIFE & LENSES and you can find all you want to know about my developing photographic career. Long story short, I was a brain box studying Law and Human Biology, got hit by a car and saw the light. Photography was my epiphany.
I laugh loud, have a very animated face and randomly break out into dance without realising. I like to work out every day for no other reason then I LOVE food!! Like seriously love food especially cake and absolutely love to travel so that goes hand in hand.  My fave bands are Lady Antebellum & The Foo Fighters and even though I don't really drink I likes me some Hendricks! 
Films are another vice of mine, best one being You've Got Mail which my partner in crime Mr.T (not the A-Team one although he is awesome) introduced me to. You'll also get to meet him at some point as he has now been my trainee for the past 2 years and has come on board joining team Teresa C. 
I like to get to know my clients and most importantly have a laugh with them so hopefully this will give you a little insight into my own little world and will nudge you in my direction to shoot your fabulous day with ease, grace and most importantly fun! 
Lets create something you will want to hang on your walls and say 
"T took that" 
Covering mostly Lancashire, Cheshire, the Lake District and Manchester I want to bring a fun, natural and relaxed feel to your wedding photography.
Can't wait to chat, T xox

"Whatever else anything is, it ought to begin by being personal."- You've Got Mail 

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